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The Idea Farm, Inc. is a world-renowned Advertising, Marketing, and Consultancy firm based in Danville, Kentucky. Founded by the late Ron Jackson over 46 years ago, The Idea Farm has represented some of the nation’s most revered corporations through developing award-winning marketing materials, advertisements, social media content, graphic, and web design.

While we offer individual services such as public relations, media production, photography (commercial, product, real estate, and portraits), and our digital marketing software suite Ideal™, our main focus is strategic problem solving. We assist clients in accomplishing their broad, long-term goals through a variety of tactical approaches, all of which spring from a carefully fashioned plan.



464 West Broadway Street
Danville, KY 40422



From business listings and reviews, to email marketing, social media scheduler, customer tracker, blog builder, and an expertly crafted CRM to tie it all together, we started asking what this software couldn’t do! Learn More


A website is the first place people will look for information about your business; make sure you’re prepared. We build beautiful, mobile-optimized sites that are as simple or complex as our clients need them to be. Learn More


he internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. We market your services online directly to the consumer, wherever they might be. Make sure the power of the internet is on your side. Learn More


Original creative content is what sets a business apart from the crowd. It is often the difference between closing a sale and not. Our firm provides world-class creative services by way of film, video, content creation, and more. Learn More


Public Relations strategy and planning is essential for businesses in any industry. Letting us step in allows you more time to focus on what really matters. We work hand-in-hand with top executives to polish media strategies and produce newsworthy content. Learn More


With over four decades of experience, we’ve consulted with companies like Iams Food, Candleberry Candles, and Tarter Farm and Ranch to grow them into the businesses that they are today. Learn More