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Ideal™ is a proprietary software platform offered by The Idea Farm, built for the everyday business owner.

If you have tried to make your business visible online, you likely know how time consuming it can be. Keeping up with the login information for all those sites can be hard enough, but when it comes time to modify your business information such as your hours, menu, or services, that can take a lot of time!



10 years ago, you could get your business listed with Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook with ease, and that did the job since the majority of internet traffic to search for businesses was directed to one of those four places. Today, we have over 100 highly reputable business listing websites that provide business information to consumers. Not to mention the addition of smart speakers and personal assistants, which add even more of a challenge since they don’t have a visual interface. Ideal™ can capture your business data on over 100 partner websites and lock the data in place to prevent the unwanted or accidental change of your information. With direct integration into these websites and services, we get your business listed on Apple Maps, Waze, Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Instagram, FourSquare, Facebook, Google My Business, and so many more.


How does Digital Knowledge Management help your business? Good question. First and foremost it solves one big problem: you can’t control where consumers search for services or locations online, so you need to be in as many places as possible to even have a fighting chance at winning their business. After Ideal™ places your information on the websites and services in our network, it suppresses duplicate listings as they arise, and prevents consumer suggestions from modifying your information automatically.

As time goes on, Google will begin to see a pattern. Your business is now well-saturated on the internet, on all of the websites Google trusts most. When search engines like Google see that your business information is everywhere online, and that it is consistent across all sources, they start to build trust in your website, increasing your search ranking automatically over time, just by keeping your information consistent! *On average, businesses with Ideal™ Listings see 49% more views over a 12 month period on search, maps, and directories.




Reviews are the number one attribute consumers view before making a decision about a business online. Customers will often be discouraged to visit your business if they see negative reviews that have not been addressed. Only 40% of businesses currently respond to reviews, simply because the owners don’t have the time, or can’t decide how to reply. With Ideal™ Reviews, we fully manage your online reviews and make sure every positive review is responded to, and craft responses for negative comments for you to review before they are delivered. When businesses respond to all reviews, on average they see a 1/4 star increase in their rating. Customers are also 55% more likely to leave a review if they see that previous reviews were replied to.

How do you rate against the competition?

The context around your ratings and reviews is as important as the rating itself. 3 stars are great if your competitor’s nearby locations average 2.5, but don't look so great in comparison if those same locations average 4 stars. 

With our Competitive Intelligence feature included with Ideal™ Reviews, you can track up to five competitors for each of your locations — whether they are large national chains or small businesses — and see how your reviews compare on Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.



Marketing Automation


The Ideal™ Marketing Automation platform consists of several components that can integrate or replace your existing services, reducing costs across the board. Included in Ideal™ is an expertly crafted CRM designed to handle the smallest of sales teams to multi-million dollar companies, email marketing, social media scheduling and social listening, WIZZYWIG landing page designer, blog management tools, campaign tracking analytics, and Visitor ID, a proprietary tool that is able to track a prospect from the moment they like a post on Facebook to the first time they engage with an intelligent form on your website or email, we can follow the journey of your customers and reach out to them when they are at their highest point of intent.


*Based on a sample of 72,982 business locations in the USA and Europe, across financial services, food services, healthcare, hospitality, and retail conducted by a partner of The Idea Farm in January 2018. Examined incremental average views driven YOY over each business’s starting average. “Traditional approach” represents strategy where no DKM strategy had been implemented.