The Idea Farm

Creative Services


Original content makes a world of difference when you want to engage new audiences. We pride ourselves in providing skillfully designed creative concepts that makes people stop and think.

We don’t do ordinary. So what do we do?

Photo, Film, and Audio

From storyboard to screen we work with some of the best creators in the game to direct stunning stills, visuals and audio for our clients. We’ve produced commercials, written jingles, and even worked on feature films. We have an in-house photography team that can take on any task but primarily focus on: product, portrait, food, and real estate photography projects.

Content Creation

Our social media game is STRONG. We regularly increase client engagement on social media by 150%+. That’s the power of quality original content. We offer boutique social media management packages customized to fit your needs.


Printing Services

If you can think it up, we’ll find a way to print it out. Sleek catalogues, brochures, and folders can make or break a deal. Presentation matters.


Logo and Branding Creation

Recognize the Iams puppy paw logo? That was us. We created this logo for Paul Iams in the 1990s and it is still used to this day. We help companies develop iconic, meaningful brands that stand the test of time.